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Visitor Entry System – Everything You Need To Know

Visitor Entry System: Your Complete Guide

Are you looking to ditch the spreadsheet? Want to save time on reports? Tired of manual counting? Or are you simply looking to make your premises more secure? The answer is most likely “YES!”

Well, you are in the right place if you are looking to learn more about Visitor Entry Systems. This article will explore what a Visitor Entry System is, why it’s important, what the benefits are, compliance and why you should consider it. We understand the challenges different businesses and schools face in managing visitor, staff/pupil safety. Balancing safeguarding, compliance and efficiency can be a complex task. A visitor entry system might be exactly what you need to improve your processes.

What is a Visitor Entry System?

Visitor Management is the process of monitoring guests, verifying their identity and purpose of entry, issuing visitor passes, tracking visits and ensuring safety requirements and compliance. Many businesses have already ditched pen and paper and have moved on to a digital solution.

A Visitor Entry System (VES) is a modern approach to a visitor signing-in process and managing who enters and exits your doors. Think of it as your digital doorman, ensuring that only authorised individuals gain access.

The old-fashioned way either includes a sign-in sheet and/or a receptionist. Consider all the steps you need to take to sign this way. When visitors arrive, they write their details on a piece of paper, the purpose of their visit and the date and time of entry/exit. If you do have a receptionist, they will then notify people accordingly. When the sheet is full, it gets filed away, and a new one is printed. Sounds long-winded, doesn’t it? This isn’t the most efficient or eco-friendly way. It does get the job done, but this approach lacks photo IDs and an easily accessible log, limiting its effectiveness. Most businesses have upgraded to a modern Visitor Entry System as it ensures a smoother, more secure, and environmentally conscious visitor management experience.

What are the benefits of a Visitor Entry System?

There are a tonne of benefits to a VES system that go beyond efficient check-ins. From boosting productivity and security to compliance and a positive brand image, playing a huge role in shaping modern workplaces. Below, we have created a simple, complete list of benefits.

  • Simple and efficient check-in/out.
  • Compliance with regulations.
  • Safeguarding your organisation, preventing unauthorised access.
  • Evacuation Reports.
  • Easily accessible log.
  • Eliminate interruptions.
  • Ensure information security and visitor privacy.
  • Creates a positive first impression, effectively welcoming guests.
  • Contributes to positive brand perception.

Why is a Visitor Entry System Important?

Now, let’s talk sectors. Businesses, offices, schools, and healthcare establishments – they all share a common need for secure and streamlined visitor management. Picture this: a touch-screen interface that simplifies sign-ins, a system that ensures safety compliance, and a reporting module that makes emergency preparedness a breeze. That’s what VES brings to the table.

Visitor Entry System for Businesses

Businesses thrive on efficiency, and a Visitor Entry System aligns perfectly with this ethos. These systems alleviate the administrative burden by offering a simple and efficient check-in/out process, allowing businesses to focus on core tasks. Moreover, the system ensures safety compliance, helping businesses meet regulatory requirements. The reporting module generates essential reports swiftly, contributing to a secure working environment and providing the peace of mind that every business owner desires.

You can also read about Managed IT for SMBs here: What SMBs Need To Know About Managed IT (nybble.co.uk)

Visitor Entry System for Schools

For educational institutions, the safety of students and staff is paramount. VES is crucial in safeguarding schools by providing a user-friendly touch-screen interface for visitor sign-ins. It streamlines the check-in process for parents, guests, and contractors, contributing to a positive school environment. Importantly, they enhance student safety by controlling access and effectively monitoring visitors. The system ensures compliance with OFSTED standards and facilitates emergency preparedness through the reporting module, creating a secure atmosphere conducive to learning. The maintenance of accessible records provides valuable data for historical analysis and audits.

If you are interested in reading more about IT and AV in schools, check out our recent article on AI in Education: AI in Classroom Teaching (nybble.co.uk) or on Managed IT in Education: The Indispensable Role of Managed IT in Education (nybble.co.uk)

Visitor Entry System for Office

In the bustling office environment, the importance of Visitor Management Systems lies in fostering a productive work environment. Simplifying the check-in/out process minimises disruptions, allowing employees to focus on their tasks. These systems ensure adherence to workplace regulations, contributing to a secure and well-organised office space. The flexible security measures prevent unauthorised access, fortifying overall visitor management protocols. Crucially, the quick generation of evacuation reports aids in emergency preparedness, offering swift reporting in times of crisis.

Visitor Entry System for Healthcare Establishments

In the healthcare sector, precision and speed are vital. VES introduces efficiency into the visitor management workflow, allowing quick and accurate sign-ins. Compliance with stringent healthcare regulations is assured, creating a safe and auditable space. The systems contribute to patient safety by controlling access and monitoring visitors effectively. The reporting module becomes indispensable during emergencies, aiding in rapid response and maintaining a secure environment for patients, staff, and visitors alike.

Read more on IT in Healthcare here: Optimising Healthcare: The Crucial Role of IT Systems | Nybble.co.uk LTD or view our case study: Mi3 – Hosted Infrastructure Onboarding | Nybble.co.uk LTD

Visitor Entry Systems and GDPR

Whether you opt for a traditional paper guest book or embrace a digital visitor management solution, visitor data should be handled and stored in accordance with GDPR. A sign-in sheet lying around in the reception area may introduce challenges.

Leaving that sign-in sheet hanging around opens the door for anyone to check out past visitors’ details – not exactly ideal for privacy, right? Gathering specific info from different guest types on paper is a bit of a hassle, too. And let’s face it, keeping guest info safe on paper is risky – it could easily get lost or taken. When someone wants their data deleted, handling it with paper logs? Not so straightforward. An electronic system is a more secure alternative.

For example, only a few years ago, Marriott International was fined for a data breach that exposed the personal data of its guests.

Read the official penalty notice here – Marriott International Inc, Penalty Notice – 30 October 2020 (ico.org.uk)

Read the BBC article here – Marriott Hotels fined £18.4m for data breach that hit millions – BBC News

Visitor Entry Systems and OFSTED

In every school, prioritising the safety of students and staff is a top concern. Parents want assurance that their children learn in a secure environment, while staff value a safe workplace equally. Moreover, it’s critical for OFSTED inspections, where safeguarding policies and checks on visitors and staff are closely scrutinised. Creating a secure atmosphere in educational settings comes with its challenges, considering the diverse range of visitors, multiple entry points, and the rising threats to modern security, all while ensuring efficient evacuation procedures.

Safeguarding: What Can we Learn from Schools where it was Judged ‘Not Effective’ | Judicium Education (article posted in 2022) discusses the key reasons safeguarding was judged as ineffective in schools, with number 1 being record keeping, risk assessments as number 6 and site safety as number 11.

Why should you consider a Visitor Entry System?

Now, the million-dollar question – do you need a Visitor Entry System? If your aim is to create a secure environment, enhance efficiency, and ensure compliance without the IT faff, then simply, yes. Allow the VES to tick all the boxes so you can focus on what you do best.

How Nybble Can Help:

As we wrap up, consider Nybble’s Visitor Entry System as more than just a digital solution. It’s a friendly companion, simplifying the intricate world of visitor management. A promise of security, peace of mind, and a touch of Nybble’s signature user-friendliness. Ready to explore the world of VES with us? Let’s make managing visitors a breeze. Visit Visitor Entry System | Nybble.co.uk LTD to read more about our VES!

Contact us via email at sales@nybble.co.uk or call 03300020886 for more information on how to elevate your institution’s security and efficiency today!

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