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Streamline the Vehicle
Appraisal Process

Having extensive experience of managing dealership technology, our vehicle appraisal
application streamlines the process of accurate valuation.

Nybble - Vehicle Appraisal App for Motor Dealerships

Providing an efficient & accurate process for managing part exchange & used vehicle purchases.

The only way to successfully design and develop a successful application for the motor industry is to understand how it must integrate seamlessly with the back end systems and be fully accessible to those that need to utilise it instantly. Our Vehicle appraisal app is simple, clear and satisfies all the above. A clean interface can be branded with your logo.

The app delivers everything needed to provide vital information with which to make an informed decision. Combined with our WIP Portal app, it can be added to the vehicle history if already held by the dealership. The mobile app manages your sales and part exchanges and data can then be sent to the Appraisal Portal for further actions via the control panel.


The appraisal application has been designed to be intuitive and clear. Inputting data is simple and straightforward. The ability to collate multimedia data means a clear record of the vehicle is then accessible to the dealership.


Nothing is left to chance. In addition to clear, detailed written records, you will also have multi-aspect photographs, editable diagrams of the vehicle for items that may not be apparent on the pictures and client signature.


The appraisal application is designed to save time and costs. Dealership logo can be added for the personal touch. Fields can be programmed to be mandatory. End result is a PDF document which can be viewed or emailed.

“The appraisal application is designed to save time and costs. Dealership logo can be added for the personal touch. Fields can be programmed to be mandatory. End result is a PDF document which can be viewed or emailed.”

Clear, Concise and Intuitive

Text, diagrams, photographs, signatures & video are all accessible. A PDF document presents data &
can be emailed as necessary to relevant parties.
Easily navigated, facts are clearly displayed.
Notes can be added following reappraisals.

Email & View as PDF

The web portal produces a PDF document, which can then be emailed
or viewed in the app.

Offline Mode

Offline Mode allows the App to be used when no internet connection
is available.

White Label Branding

The Appraisal App and Web Portal can be fully customised to be
consistent with your companies brand.

“This has definitely brought in more business as it is an efficient streamlined process not only for us but also for the customer who is waiting for a decision”

Online Web Portal

With data sent to the appraisal portal for managerial oversight, it provides a secure & reduced risk environment.

Nybble - Vehicle Appraisal App - Online Web Portal

Return on Investment

The online portal streamlines the process of collating appraisals & related information to minimise error or risk thus providing a return on initial investment quickly. Allowing well informed decisions to be made with confidence.


With a simple mouse click the Portal can display multiple assessments ready to view for comparison and decision making. With all fields of information clearly presented, the portal becomes a valuable time saving

Defined Process

Nothing is left to chance as The Portal displays information resulting from a clear defined process. All essential information can be viewed via the portal. Designed to save time and reduce potentially expensive


The Web portal has been Designed to be accessible 24 hours a day if necessary for busy sales teams who work in dealerships open around the clock. Sales team to Dealer Principle, data is shared quickly
and effectively.


The Portal allows performance Management as each vehicle appraisal is fully assigned to a named sales representative dated and signed. The defined process brings together sales person & client for accurate, true condition value.


The portal allows the reality of accurate data collection, presentation including full notes graphics and if available video footage. Accurate decisions can be made utilising real time factual, checked, vital

Vehicle Appraisal App Features

We are confident that the Appraisal App is revolutionising the automotive industry.
A simple to use defined process resulting in an effective tool to boost revenue and productivity.

Nybble - Vehicle Appraisal App - Secure Login

Secure Login

SSL Encryption allows data between devices to be kept secure and safe.

Nybble - Vehicle Appraisal App - Vehicle List

View Appraisals

Easily manage data from multiple appraisals, rapid informed, competent decisions.

Nybble - Vehicle Appraisal App - Vehicle List Search

Search Appraisals

Navigate to specific Appraisals with the fully searchable, intuitive interface.

Nybble - Vehicle Appraisal App - Vehicle Details

Essential Details

Numerous fields can be populated. With certain fields being mandatory.

Nybble - Vehicle Appraisal App - Vehicle Service History

Formal Procedure

A standardised process resulting in accurate risk free assessment.

Nybble - Vehicle Appraisal App - Record Damage Easily

Vehicle Damage

Clear diagrams will show any marks or dents that need further inspection done.

Nybble - Vehicle Appraisal App - Take Photos

Delete & Append Photos

Photos can taken of the vehicle, and important information can be outlined.

Nybble - Vehicle Appraisal App - Record Videos

Vehicle Video Recording

Videos can be recorded of the vehicle and uploaded to the portal and played back.

Nybble - Vehicle Appraisal App - Signature Sign Off


Signatures are collected from both sales representative and client.

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