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School ICT Support

Our team will answer your ICT related questions.
As a result, we keep your school running smoothly.

Affordable Remote & On-Site ICT Support

School ICT Support is vital in this ever evolving digital age. As a result, Nybble offers regular School ICT Support as part of our services. Overall, our aim is to ensure proactive, ongoing help and advice. As such, we cover Primary, Secondary and further education. Generally, many schools find that consistency of visits and personnel stabilise their ICT systems, giving staff confidence in school networks.

In short, we understand the importance of quality ICT support in schools. Importantly, not only for day to day admin and management but for the effective delivery of the ICT curriculum. Because, in our opinion, effective use of ICT equipment, complimented by excellent teaching, brings out the best in our children.

Furthermore, we constantly monitor the latest trends in educational technology so that we can deliver it.  As a consequence, we provide any required training or demonstrations to optimise utilisation. Children can thrive in a fun environment, confidently exploring in safety. we offer onsite support in a variety of SLA’s which support any budget.

Secure and Safe

Of course, we work hard to adhere to all the latest safeguarding measures and legislation, saving  you precious time in the classroom. Ultimately, any software we provide is checked for suitability and we use security measures to protect the network. Our highly experienced, professional, presentable ICT team gives you and your school complete peace of mind.

Nybble actively monitors innovative and relevant equipment that enhances teaching. With established, respected suppliers we adapt our services to remain outstanding in providing solutions and advice. Also, to access information now freely available via fast moving technology, we recognise the need for us to be trusted advisors on mobile learning, open source, online and cloud based technology.

To conclude, a child having fun learning creates a motivated student. So, in the ever-changing world of technology, let us introduce you to the limitless possibilities available to unlock that door.

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