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Invoice Portal

An invoicing solution designed to increase efficiency and save your motor dealership time and money.

Invoice Portal

Invoice Portal is software designed to save time, decrease cost, and create ease for all involved in the payment process. Specifically designed for motor dealerships, this portal produces hands-off digital copies of invoices from Autoline and sends them directly to the customer, saving time, eliminating any possibility of human error, and allowing quicker payment for jobs than ever before.

This solution also provides the option to allow your customers a login to a single, or multiple, Sales Ledger accounts, so that they can view, download, query and even settle their invoices instantly, direct from your portal. 

Customers also have full access to archive invoices produced from the inception of system, meaning no time will need to be spent on producing archive invoices on request. An in-built query system will also speed up and simplify the invoice query process for your customers, again reducing payment time.

This portal will also be branded to suit your business, ensuring it looks professional and therefore matches the high standard of customer service the tools from the portal will ensure you’re able to provide.

Increase Efficiency

Invoice Portal brings assurance that invoices will always reach the customers the moment they are sent, eliminating the prospect of human error. Payment of invoices can also be checked and tracked with just a few clicks, with all features being easy to access and featuring in one place on the system.

Save Costs Significantly

Eliminates both printing and posting costs significantly over time due to all invoices being dispatched via email.

Enhance Customer Experience

Handing access to customers to login and view all of their past and present invoices allow them more visibility and understanding than ever before. Invoices can also be sent to the customers instantly, handing them the option to pay instantly once a job has been completed.

Salient Features

Your Branding on URL

Invoice Portal URL branding with your companies name

Invoice Archiving

Digital archiving of all invoices from the point of launch, ensuring every stage of the process is documented and trackable

Automated Invoice Emailing

Invoices automatically emailed to customer address/addresses

Optional 'Hands Off' Operation

Option to make invoicing system automised, removing human error and ensuring all invoices are sent

Customer Logins

Personalised logins for customers to view both their paid and outstanding invoices

Built-in Query/Messaging System

Built-in messaging system within the portal, allowing you

Arrange A Demo

To arrange a free Invoice Portal demo, please call 0330 002 0886 or email enquiries@nybble.co.uk

Our Support

Nybble will conduct remote training for the internal Invoice Portal power users to ensure key members within the business are fully equipped and knowledgeable of software features. We also have a dedicated Invoice Portal support team, ensuring any end user issues are dealt with promptly during initial deployment.  

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Mac OS

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