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Our WIP Portal is revolutionising the automotive industry.  Providing dealerships with an effective tool to boost revenue and productivity.

Revolutionising the vehicle industry

Dealership management Systems are used throughout the automotive industry in the UK. Although all are efficient and time proven they have limitations and in today’s aggressively competitive digital world, anything that provides the opportunity to boost bottom line with enhanced performance, is well worth a look.

Dealerships need to build and maintain an excellent relationship with a customer in order to retain a loyal advocate. In this age of instant reviews, no business can afford to offer poor customer service. Increasing efficiency and profitability across the dealership is now entirely possible with the technology, support, IT Management and software available from Nybble IT Solutions.

Customer Experience

Clear communication is vital. Make sure that YOU are the dealership that gets it right, with documents jointly produced with the customer, our software ensures engagement, respect, loyalty and important recurring visits.


Enhanced front facing and internal depart mental communication. Effective dialogue between departments increases efficiency. Customers see you as one business, we link your departments to share vital data.


Your customers may interact with every department in your dealership, we provide your team with all they need to be efficient & highly productive. Maximising after sales business and excellent customer care.

“For the first time in years as a workshop controller, I am able to do my job and all the things I never had time to do.”

Increased Productivity

The portal formalises all communication between the customer, front counter, back counter and parts function giving management a real time overview of what is happening in their aftersales operation. With an intent to get away from ‘not another system’ complications, the portal has been specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with leading DMS’s minimising administration and double input.

Our Job Packs ensure that contact details changed in service department are not missed by sales department – one pack per customer, one real time history for every department to see. Poor data management is frustrating and costly not only financially but also to your reputation.


Enhance front facing, internal departments and workshop control communication. WIP Portal provides your team with all they need to deliver communications – maximising after sales business whilst providing excellent customer care. Accessing customer history in seconds and greeting your clients knowledgeably reinforces a smooth and professional relationship.


Jobs exceeding allocated time are immediately flagged in red. Time and date stamp notes on WIP’s means no more time consuming efforts to keep on top of work in progress. The portal details can be recalled quickly and the status updated in real time effectively. Automated customer communication via email or text facilitates instant authorisation.


Important leads are generated for after sales. Tailored communication enhances your client relationships. WIP portal ensures you proactively enhance relationships built at point of sale. One integrated system replacing expensive multiple software providers, keeping the customer informed with reminders or marketing, reassuring that you are attentive beyond the point of sale.

"This is the future. We are a growing business and need the tools to manage our growth. This has made a huge difference to how we operate and everything is transparent. The automation it offers for the little effort we put into it, saves us time and inevitably…money.”

WIP Portal Features

Our WIP Portal is revolutionising the automotive industry. Providing dealerships with an effective tool to boost revenue and productivity.

Vehicle Updates

Controllers can check real-time progress at a glance, provided by the portal.


Controllers can discard manual VOR sheets for a uniform view provided by the portal.

Parts Esculation

Be alerted on parts delivery progress, monitoring of ordered stock & up selling & obsolete items.

Shift Handover

The portal streamlines the shift handover process, keeping all in the loop and improving productivity.

Client Communication

Real time communication like never before with the capability to send multimedia contact in order to get work authorised.


Order numbers, authority as well as photographs for damage, insurance assessment or repair estimates will stay with the vehicle record.

Daily Diary

Replacing the manual workshop diary with a coherent view of the day to day running and management of your after sales services.

SMS & Email Messaging

Automated reminders for annual checks, instant authorisation, speedy booking-in process, progress reports, special offers.

Action Logging

Strong, efficient real time reporting between workshop and sales department.

VHC Mobile App

Vehicle Health Check allows workshop to record damage so that a video can be created.

Job Packs

Electronic job pack system allows work to be viewed, edited & audited electronically.

Data Cubes

Spot trends, facts & data. Business information clearly displayed, showing real time details.

Windows OS

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Mac OS

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