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eWIP is an electronic document management system designed to optimise the management system process for motor dealerships.

Introducing eWIP

eWIP is an electronic processing system designed for ease within your dealership to capture the aftersales documents and manage processes within a structured logical manner from initial inception through to the final invoicing, warranty claims and archiving. 

Although the workflow is aimed at standardizing the aftersales process throughout the group, it will also help with ensuring that best practice principles are consistently followed. Aftersales document packs represent many of the documents that are created within the business, so processing these electronically will deliver significant benefits to your business, including increased efficient across all departments, easier tracking of jobs, reduced human error and saved time and money.

Improve Process Visability

The current on-paper after-sales process only allows documents to be in one place at a time. eWIP adds visability for all departments to view the status of jobs at the click of a button.

Save Money On Printing

Processing all documents electronically will not only speed up workflow, but hugely reduce costs, as well. Embracing eWIP will mean that you save money in printing, photocopying and physically storing documents. In six months of using this software, we estimate an average saving of 300,000 sheets of paper.

Never Lose A Job-Pack Again

Transferring and storing pa[per documents always carries the risk of human error, which can often be hard to track. eWIP removes this factor, ensuring enhanced efficiency and reduce risk of misplaced job-packs.

Arrange A Demo

To arrange a free eWIP demo, please call 0330 002 0886 or email enquiries@nybble.co.uk

eWIP - Revolutionary Document Management System for Dealerships

Increase efficiency and save costs through eWIP – our document management system specifically designed with ease for motor dealerships in mind.

Remove All Paper Processes

All documents can be stored electronically, eliminating costs surrounding printing and physical storage of documents

Control/Delegate Access

With just a few clicks you can control what staff members control and see within the business, granting maximum security of documentation

Improve Customer Service

Your increased speed and efficiency also reflects on your customers, with all information available at the click of a button. eWIP will guarantee you are able to provide efficient service, granting better customer satisfaction than ever before

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