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Hosted Infrastructure & VDI

Give your workforce access to company data securely from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Delivering virtual desktops and applications through one unified workspace.

What is VDI?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI is the modern technology that allows users to connect to virtual workspaces in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid configuration.  VDI delivers a simplified method of accessing all the usual software and applications you come to expect from a normal desktop experience.

Our fully hosted virtual desktop solution provides a streamlined approach to deliver, protect and manage a scalable Windows desktop platform which supports workplace mobility.  It enables users to log in to their desktop from anywhere in the world using modern mobile devices as well as traditional computer hardware which in turn increases staff productivity.

The solution is fully scalable supporting anywhere from just a few users to in excess of 1000 users easily within just a few hours.  As the user-base increases so can the hardware they are using.   You can easily add storage, increase CPU and memory resources across the whole company or just a few select users.

Case Studies

See how Nybble is helping businesses improve their IT and work smarter.

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Why Choose Nybble?

Delivering secure desktops, whilst cutting costs.

Simplifying IT

Allocate resources dynamically across the whole company or indivuals.

Cut Costs

Reduce day-to-day operational costs of servers and switch to a more dynamic, simple and predictive billing model.

Corporate Data

Access company data from anywhere in the world, on any device.

On Demand Scaling

Reduce the amount of time it takes new users to be active and working.

Future Proof

We ensure your hosted infrastructure is always up-to-date with licensing and security patches.

Remove Risk, Increased Security

We ensure your data is backed up daily with replication to multiple UK datacentres.

Unified Workspace, Great UX

Access your virtual desktop from any location on any device. No need for specialist training with the familiar Windows interface.

Benefits of Desktop
as a Service

Windows OS

Download our remote IT Support tool for Windows OS.


Mac OS

Download our remote IT Support tool for Mac OS.