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Data Quality System

Our Data Quality System Is easy to deploy and is used widely within dealerships to improve the quality of their data and save time policing bad data.

The data quality system is designed to help keep your Kerridge database clean.

One thing that provides a dealership with huge potential for the future is the quality of the data it holds. Most dealership management systems collect data to a certain point but don’t really provide oversight and are limited in terms of fully utilizing this treasure trove of prospects.

Management is provided with alerts if information is not correctly handled or inaccurate which means full accountability from first data entry. In a world of stringent regulations and requirements when handling personal data, our system gives you the best opportunity to
have a compliant, verified base to venture forward with.

Our Data Quality System enhances the DMS (Kerridge) by taking client information one step further. The system ensures that the information is cleansed daily and any anomalies are directed back to the source for clarification and correction. Any information that does not match up exactly with what is held on record (to pre agreed criteria/ sets of rules) is immediately flagged (flagged up throughout the day-generally run twice daily, but is dependent on the dealers own preference) and an email automatically sent to the source of the discrepancy to report the inconsistency ( listing data quality issues/ corrections. Outstanding corrections are emailed to data champions or management as part of an escalations process – all ensuring accuracy/ completeness of data). This results in a valid, accurate record that can be used by all departments. Absolute gold for marketing departments.

Data Accuracy

Accuracy of data is a very real concern for any organisation, both for the purposes of compliance with current law and in furthering its aims. The Data Quality system is a tool that is designed to aid in this by highlighting issues quickly, enabling corrections to be made in a timely and efficient manner, and forms part of internal procedures in order to demonstrate full compliance with the law.

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Data Quality System Features

For the people that use data quality, it has saved them masses of time daily, not needing to correct data and run reports.

Customer Data

Uses customer data exported by Kerridge.

Database Maintenance

Cleansed automatically on a daily basis.

Incomplete Data Notifcations

Flags inconsistency in red.

Email Notifications

Automatically emails source of suspect data.

Visual Aid

Highlights any information amended by user.


Sends a management report using Excel.

Daily Scans

Automatically scans information twice a day.

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