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Case Studies

Mi3 – Hosted Infrastructure Onboarding

The Client Mi3, a subsidiary of the global Karl Storz group, is a medical equipment manufacturer based in Blackburn. With approximately 50-60 users, Mi3 operates from a site consisting of a main open-plan office, several side offices, a workshop/lab area, a clean room, and a warehouse.

The Challenge

Mi3 reached out to Nybble for IT Support. Before our involvement, Mi3 had their own IT infrastructure, including on-site servers and network. They used a single Wi-Fi access point for wireless connectivity and also ethernet for desktop PC's. Additionally, Mi3 had physical servers hosting software applications for their day-to-day operations.

Nybble assessed their infrastructure and identified areas of improvement to enhance performance and security. We collaborated closely with Mi3 to implement necessary changes to optimise their IT environment. Our goal was to ensure smooth operations and reliable connectivity.

The Solution

The initial task during the onboarding process was to migrate Mi3's current emails from their current tenancy to a new Karl Storz email account as well as teams' channels, SharePoint and other 365 services. However, as always, Nybble looked to go above and beyond.

Following this onboarding, our team conducted a thorough assessment of Mi3's IT infrastructure and develop a comprehensive solution tailored to their needs. Here is an overview on the steps we took:

Network Infrastructure: We ensured that Mi3's network was configures optimally to meet their requirements. This included managing the router and switches to maintain a stable and secure network environment.

Wi-Fi Expansion: Recognising the need for future growth, we planned to extend the Wi-Fi coverage to include their warehouses, enhancing connectivity and enabling seamless operations across all areas of Mi3's facilities.

Server Management: We implemented effective server management practices using remote monitoring and management software, enabling proactive maintenance of Mi3's servers. Additionally, we installed remote access software for efficient troubleshooting.

Endpoint Security: To ensure secure network and protect sensitive data, we enforced robust security measures, including ESET Endpoint Protection. This comprehensive solution shields Mi3's network from potential threats, proving them with a peace of mind.

DNS issues for external users were also addressed, as well as the use of SSL Certificates.

The Outcome

The onboarding process and implementation of our IT support services for Mi3 - Karl Storz have yielded remarkable results, demonstrating our commitment to flexibility and customisation. We have not only streamlined their IT operations but also tailored our solutions to meet their specific requirements, showcasing our ability to adapt and go beyond.

Furthermore, Mi3 now benefits from out dedicated IT support team, which ensures the timely resolutions of technical issues and minimises disruptions to their operations. Our flexibility and responsiveness in addressing their concerns while providing custom solutions have now fostered a strong partnership.

As an international IT service provider, we understand the importance of global connections and collaborations. With Mi3 being a part of the Karl Storz parent company based in Germany, our international connections exemplify our vision and reach.

We are working closely with the Karl Storz IT team in Germany on several 365 projects involving Teams and SharePoint migrations. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, allowing us to deliver solutions that align with the best global practices while meeting with Mi3's unique requirements.

In conclusion, the successful onboarding and ongoing support have created a secure, efficient and productive IT environment for Mi3. We are proud to be their trusted IT partner, enabling them to focus on their core business of manufacturing medical equipment. We look forward to continuing our support and partnership with Mi3 for the foreseeable future.

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