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Case Studies

Digital Signage Installation – Pleckgate High School

Located in the heart of Blackburn, Lancashire, Pleckgate High School is a thriving, Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ school with the aim to put the best interests of young people at the heart of everything they do.

The Challenge

Pleckgate needed to innovate their facilities with state-of-the-art digital infrastructure, including screens, digital signage and a new video wall to match the quality provided throughout their facilities.

This would replace an outdated signage system which was hard to use and wasn’t fit for purpose as well as a number of screens that were just turned off. The project included providing a replacement for the broken video wall.


"We found dealing with Nybble an absolute breeze.  They quickly understood exactly what we wanted, demonstrated their understanding of an education environment and installed the solution within our time frames to an exceptional standard.  Students, visitors and staff alike are blown away with the flexibility of the signage capability the school now has and we have seen numerous benefits already of their hardware and software solution.


Their staff are personable, polite and knowledgeable and the best thing is we only have to call one number if we need any advice.  Flawless service and highly recommended."

School IT Manager and Lead Technician
Talha Mulla

The Solution

At Nybble, we prioritise a customer-centric approach, recognising the pivotal role of understanding our clients' needs to deliver tailored solutions that precisely meet their requirements.

In response to Pleckgate's specific needs, Nybble swiftly implemented a comprehensive solution. This involved the installation of nine 55-inch digital commercial screens strategically placed across the campus.

Additionally, a visually impressive nine-screen video wall was placed in the main entrance hall. Notably, all these digital assets are efficiently and centrally controlled through Pleckgate Nybble's cloud-based signage system.

This integration not only addresses Pleckgate's immediate requirements but also showcases Nybble's commitment to providing sophisticated, user-friendly solutions that enhance overall client satisfaction.

The Outcome

As a result, Pleckgate High School has undergone a transformative enhancement in its digital infrastructure, positioning itself as a cutting-edge educational institution. The collaboration with Nybble has successfully addressed the challenge of outdated and inefficient signage systems, providing a state-of-the-art solution that aligns seamlessly with Pleckgate's commitment to excellence.

With the implementation of nine strategically placed 55- inch digital commercial screens and an impressive nine-screen video wall in the main entrance hall, Pleckgate now boasts a visually immersive and technologically advanced environment.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Pleckgate High School and Nybble marks a significant milestone in the school's journey towards digital excellence. This comprehensive solution not only replaced the ineffective and non-functional screens but also revitalised Pleckgate's facilities, contributing to an improved overall experience for students, staff, and guests.

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