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Case Studies

Miss Millie’s Chicken

Discover how Nybble seamlessly implemented the perfect audio-visual solutions, including digital menu boards, high brightness window screens, and interactive payment kiosks, across multiple Miss Millie’s sites.

The Challenge

While Miss Millie's has been serving delicious chicken in the UK for more than 30 years, the brand is entering a new phase in 2020 with a new menu, design, locations, and leadership.

As part of this new business plan, the Miss Millie's team wanted to figure out how to establish brand consistency across all of their new outlets. Traditional light box menus, which were expensive to replace and difficult to update fast, were used in the older takeaway establishments.

The Miss Millie's team wanted to be able to maintain uniformity throughout all franchise locations and manage all branding and menus from a single central location without having to pay expensive printing and distribution expenses.

The Solution

To thoroughly understand Miss Millie's demands and goals, our team of audio-visual specialists met with her and visited several locations.

Our custom solution included interactive payment kiosks and digital menu boards. Giving the client complete control over the menus from a single, central location was made possible by this technology in conjunction with our in-house content management system (CMS). In addition to high brightness digital window displays in two larger stores and interactive payment kiosks, we built digital menu boards over the service counters in eight stores.

We deployed our content management system when the digital menu boards were delivered. With the help of this programme, the customer can remotely control what appears on the screens at any given time.

Therefore, the Miss Millie's HQ team only needs to press a button to instantaneously execute a menu update across all 8 stores. The change will appear instantly on the screens in each store. The programme allows for the easy scheduling of these modifications, making it possible to adjust menu items based on the time of day that they are required.

In two of the bigger stores, we also set up interactive payment kiosks. In order to enhance the customer experience and reduce wait times, these pole-mounted kiosks are equipped with a card reader, printer, and software that syncs with the client's EPOS system. This allows consumers to explore the menu and place orders from the kiosks.

We also installed four high brightness window digital displays for the client. Your message will always be visible on these screens because they are made to function around the clock and are bright enough to be viewed in any kind of weather. To draw in more customers, these screens showcase menu items and offers.

The Outcome

Eight of Miss Millie's takeaway locations now include digital menu boards, while two more locations have high-brightness screens and extra payment kiosks.

With complete control over the menus, the client may lower the cost of printing and distribution for the company while maintaining brand consistency across all locations. The ordering process is now simple and quick thanks to interactive payment kiosks, which have also improved customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and raising employee productivity.
Because of the high-brightness screens in the windows promoting products to passing trade, the client's foot traffic has improved. With a full AV solution in place for their takeout, Miss Millie's can now fully control their branding and go forward with their new business plan as they continue to grow throughout the United Kingdom.

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