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Case Studies

Luxury Private Residence

Learn how Nybble delivered the ideal audio-visual systems in a private residence to give it the luxurious feel and a wow factor the client was after.
Large Screen fitted in a luxury private residence by our AV team.

The Challenge

This private residence was undergoing extensive renovations, which included adding a home cinema theatre, a fitness centre, and a two-bedroom private apartment to the first floor.

The client was looking for a complete integrated system that would allow them to stream, watch, and deploy specified content to three large format LED walls and a home theatre system. As well as the ability to control heating, lighting and access control. They previously had some small, isolated AV controls installed in several different areas of the premises.  A separate control interface for the guest suite was also required for easy-to-use control over all equipment around the property for the entire family.

The Solution

Our team of audio-visual experts visited the site premises to look at the plans for the spaces and to determine the solutions that would be best suited to each location. We came up with a plan to install a fully automated audio-visual and smart home automation solution throughout the property, with specific guest controls within the guest suite. We installed 3 x large format LED video walls in a lounge area, fitness suite, and master bedroom, along with a home cinema system with bespoke audio and 12 fully integrated seats. We also installed a fully integrated audio system throughout the site.

Using Smart Home Automation, we were able to fully integrate the heating and cooling systems throughout the property, all lighting systems in all areas, and provide security and access control systems through the same user interface.

The client has multiple audio and video sources available, and the user interface allows them to deploy and control all sources to display or audio zone within the property. We have also provided additional control devices within the guest areas that allow for these zones to be controlled independently of the master system if required. The flexibility and ease of use of the system have given the client full control in all zones, and this control extends to control off premises via a dedicated, secure application available on mobile devices.

To complete this bespoke project, we worked closely with the client, the architect, and various specialist trades to achieve the look and functionality that the client desired.

The Outcome

After the project was finalised, the client now has a fully customised yet user-friendly Smart Home Automation and AV distribution system that is both functional and long-lasting. The use of large format, bezel free, LED video walls has allowed the client to maximise the space available for video display in a manner that does not require a large, traditional format TV display with the associated glare and screen boxing requirements.

Pre-sets allow for single button deployment of specific settings, such as Movie Night or Sport, and ensure that time is not spent trying to configure the system each time.

The AV solution fits in well with the high-end finish of the property, helping to create the wow factor and visual impact the client wanted.

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