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Case Studies

CPASE Health Club

Discover how we upgraded the CPASE Health Club with LED video walls, digital signage, and an audio system.
CPASE health club logo in black with white writing.

The Challenge

CPASE is a fresh, premium health club located in Cheshire. The CPASE team was looking to upgrade, aspiring to create a luxurious space for their customers through the use of the latest technology to reflect their prestigious aesthetic.

The team at CPASE wanted a way to control all their digital content from a singular place, making it easy and quick for them to update with offers, products, and other information. They needed an easy way to instantly update all their advertising while creating eye-catching content in line with their branding and project goals. They also wanted to include audio throughout the site, with the capability to change the volume and content remotely.

Our Solution

Our team of audio-visual experts visited the site to look at the plans for the space. We came up with a plan to install a full audio-visual solution throughout the health club. An LED video wall in the main gym was installed, a 16-screen video wall in the spin room, and numerous commercial screens in the exercise rooms, restaurant, breakout area, changing rooms, and meeting space. We also installed a full audio system throughout the site.

We created bespoke digital signage for the client. This signage shows gym news and information, live weather, news information, and a live Sky TV stream. The client can update this content via the use of our own content management system on a tablet. All audio and display content is controlled by this tablet.

The health club is split into zones on the CMS, so that the client has full control of what content is playing in each room at any time. Due to the flexibility offered by the CMS, the client now has total control over all displays and audio in every zone, including volume. We collaborated closely with a variety of trades to finish this custom project and provide the client exactly what they requested in terms of appearance and practicality.

The Outcome

CPASE now has a comprehensive, bespoke AV system in place. By simply clicking on a button, they can manage all digital content, which lowers the expense of printing posters. Additionally, they can instantly alter the content, which gives them the freedom to swiftly adjust to their specific needs.

The incorporation of audio-visual (AV) technology into the health club effortlessly complements its high-end aesthetic, introducing a captivating upgrade that leaves a lasting impression on customers. This solution represents a significant upgrade for CPASE, providing the flexibility necessary for their new business venture. This adaptability empowers CPASE to upgrade their services in response to the dynamic needs and preferences of their customers, ultimately elevating the overall customer experience through a more personalised and responsive approach.

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