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Case Studies

Video Wall Installation – Blackburn College

Located in the heart of their town, Blackburn College is the centre of learning for thousands of students in the area.

The Challenge

With over 10,000 students enrolled onto courses across all subjects every year, Blackburn College wanted to ensure they could communicate effectively with all students, whilst also staying up to date with all the latest technology, which is where Nybble could offer them a helping hand.

“We have worked with many suppliers but the knowledge, patience and attention to detail shown by the install team at Nybble was second to none. They worked tirelessly out of hours and were not phased by the unexpected issues that presented themselves during the install. The result is an absolutely stunning display which captures the attention of everyone on entry to the building.”

Networking and Operations Team Leader
Hussein Lorgat

The Solution

At Nybble we listen to the needs of our customers and provide them with the best possible solution to fulfil their wishes. When Blackburn College contacted us about their needs, we acted quickly to provide them with our solution. Providing them with a first-class video wall made up of almost 400 individual, seamless panels to produce a 4560mm x 2660mm display of the highest quality.

This screen can be used to fulfil the wishes of the College, allowing them to communicate easily and effectively with all students, whilst also fitting the scenery in their top-of-the-range, stunning Beacon Centre.

The Outcome

The collaboration between Nybble and Blackburn College resulted in a transformative solution that effectively met the college's communication needs and embraced the latest in technology. The impact of the video wall extended beyond mere communication, seamlessly fitting into the scenic backdrop of Blackburn College's Beacon Centre.

In essence, the results of this collaboration positioned Blackburn College at the forefront of technological integration within the educational landscape, fostering improved communication and visual experiences for both students and staff. The successful implementation of Nybble's solution underscores the effectiveness of understanding customer needs and delivering tailored, cutting-edge solutions to meet and exceed expectation

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